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What Level Am I ?



Please conduct a test swim at your local pool  before entering... the result of this determines which of the 8 levels below you are, and therefore what timeslot you will enter.

Note - our minimum level is 150m non-stop


ADVANCED                                               7.10am

1) 10x100m on1.45, faster than 1.30 times      

2) 10x100m on2.00, betw 1.30-1.40 times


INTERMEDIATE                                       8.20am

1) 6x100m on2.10, faster than 1.50 times

2) 6x100m on2.20, faster than 2.00 times

3) 6x100m on2.45, faster than 2.15 times

BEGINNER                                                 9.30am

1) 400m nonstop, slower than 10min

2) 150m non stop, faster than 4.30min

3) 150m non stop in pool, not sea,


Note : refers to Freestyle, NOT breaststroke


NEED HELP? Please email us.

Dates & Venues



The OceanClinics utilise the 3x readily accessible beaches in the eastern bays of Auckland...

Mission Bay, Kohimarama Beach & St Heliers.


We use multiple venues primarily for variety to help maintain your interest and promote adaptation via different environments...

Dates and Venues - TBA


(changes from week to week)




The cheapest way of entering the oceanclinics is on a Season or Concession Pass...


EARLY BIRD Season :    $239   ($12.95 per...)

Full Season Pass :          $299   ($14.95 per...)

Last 2 Block Pass:         $199   (starts 01Dec)

1st Block Pass:               $135   (up to 24Nov)

10 Concession :              $199   

Single Online Entry :      $27.50  (< Tues 12pm)

Single Late Entry :          $35  (> Tues 12pm)


-  Early Bird passes only avail BEFORE 15Aug

-  1st Block Pass = 13Oct to 24Nov (7x)

-  Last 2-Block Pass - 01Dec to 30Mar (13x)

- 10 Concessions can be used any clinic

-  Season Pass & Last 2-Block Passes include a

    FREE Entry to the Bean Rock Swim

Entry Refund & Transfer Policy...

- Entries to clinics may be transferable, but they are non-refundable, except in cases where a clearly valid medical issue is present & a doctors certificate can be provided.

- Season or Concession Passes are valid only in the current summer season they are bought in

Session Content



Session content depends on your level...


Advanced :

Primarily fitness and strength through motivating coached workouts with others. You can expect some hard and some long sessions


Intermediate :

Learning or improving technique while building endurance to increase speed. You can expect a mix of technique & distance.


Beginner :

Relaxed breathing with correct body position and long slow strokes to help improve confidence & build non-stop distance

About Us



FutureDreams Swimming is the company behind the OceanClinics. We have been serving the triathlon and open water swim community since 1999 with pool based training out of multiple Auckland facilities, open water training via the OceanClinics, and we also run both the Bean Rock Swim and the Kohi Summer Swim Series.


The OceanClinics were originally born in 2002 to support the Kelloggs TriWoman events that encouraged thousands of Kiwi women into a more active and healthy lifestyle through triathlon. After that series concluded, the OceanClinics changed focus to support other swim-based events like the NZ OceanSwim Series and in the many years we have been operational, over 6500 swimmers have been through the clinics in this time

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