CLINIC 8 - CANCELLATION Notice (published Friday 30th November 2018)

We've been watching over the past 3 days hoping the forecast would change but it unfortunately now seems set, and hence is our decision to cancel the OceanClinic tomorrow. 


The two most important things that we watch are...


1. Wind Direction & Strength

2. Water Quality



When we have an northerly breeze of anything above 25 knots average wind speed (tomorrows forecast is up to 45 knot gusts) then the waves created become an issue for learning, enjoyment and most importantly safety. Conversely, if we are faced with the same strength wind but offshore (southerly) then the water will normally remain quite calm inside the 5 knot markers. Wind direction is key.



The other major consideration is water quality and tonight there is heavy rain forecast which will knock out most beaches in Auckland. Since mid 2017 the SafeSwim website has been combining both real-time readings and also predictions based on 3 years of data to give the most realistic picture of water quality over a current 2 hour window of time. This data has be taken at knee depth and hence it is accepted that in deeper water further out the contaminants will be more dilute and therefore less risk to a swimmers health. Tomorrow we were planning to be swimming further out by the 5 knot buoy line anyway but in this case that would simply mean more exposure to the strong northerly that is guaranteed to be blowing.


Hence it seems our hands are tied, and for this we apologise in advance.



What it means for you...


If you have a single entry, we will send you a code to enter another clinic of your choice.

If you have a 10 concession then we hope you still have plenty of options available on other dates

If you have entered a Multi or Season Pass, please accept our sincere apologies.



The weather is a fickle friend that we have not yet learned to control. We will be back next week though!



Yours sincerely,

Haydn & The OceanClinics Team


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